Avid Digital Goes Stealth

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This was a fun project to work on for the guys at Avid Digital. We were challenged to complete this project without any seams so that it appeared that the vehicle was painted. I think we accomplished our goal. For more unique projects like this visit our website. www.aviddigital.com

I read a story in the local newspaper this morning about how the right vinyl banner sign could have saved a lot of people a lot of headache. The annual holiday parade took place the day before, rendering downtown parking spots difficult for spectators to come by. However, there were some street parking spots that are usually available on an ordinary day marked with some custom banner signs that read ‘No Parking From the Hours of 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The parade this year actually began later in the day, so many people parked in those spaces, believing them to be available. Unfortunately, the vinyl banner signs the city chose to use were from the previous year. Rather than update their custom banners, city employees reused outdated ones, causing a world of confusion at a typically happy event.

Cars were towed to make room for the parade. Tickets for other vehicles were issued, as well. The lack of necessary information cost frustrated parade-goers time in retrieving their cars, money in paying the towing fees and city fines, and the good cheer people expect to feel when observing a holiday parade. Simple updated custom banner signs would have made all the difference.

The city apologized to the victims of these outdated vinyl banners, but the debacle cost the city time and funds in repaying the innocent spectators. And keep in mind that people weren’t able to be repaid for their frustrations.

The mishap also cost the city in a fair deal of bad publicity. The grand finale of this parade should have been the Grinch instead of Santa – all because no one took the time to do the simple task of reordering current custom vinyl banner signs.

There’s No Excuse To Display An Outdated Custom Banner

People who weren’t directly affected by this act of mismanagement were still left scratching their heads. Why did no one order new custom vinyl banners for such a largely attended event??? Nothing could be quicker and easier to order.

Custom banners used to be a bit of a hassle to make, because lettering and graphics were cut from vinyl and placed directly onto the banner material. But now we live in the digital age, and digital printing has made the production of vinyl banners a breeze for sign makers. Rather than cutting images painstakingly and then carefully sticking them onto the banners, we simply upload an image and print it directly onto the banner material itself. How easy!

And because making custom vinyl banners is so easy, they are also more affordable than ever. Without the added expenses of vinyl lettering and labor, creating any image you want on your custom banner is actually quite economical. Plus, unlike vinyl banner signs of the past, there is no extra charge for more colors – your palette is your imagination!

With the cost and simplicity of vinyl banners making them a logical choice in custom signs, many people order several, each with different messages or graphics. However, another option in custom banners is a changeable style. Changeable vinyl banners come with adhesive letters and numbers, allowing information such as dates and times to be changed directly on the banner. Such a custom banner would have served the parade viewers, and the city, quite well!

Send Any Message With A Vinyl Banner

Not all custom signs are purely informational such as the parking signs at the parade. One purpose of vinyl banners is to attract and retain customers with both your information and attention-grabbing graphics. Because digital printing is able to transfer any image onto a banner, you have the option of creating a custom banner with your own artwork or logo and memorable wording. Graphics and text on a vinyl banner can be entertaining as well as informative!

And because images are printed directly onto the custom banner material, the image is guaranteed to remain as clear and vivid as the day it was printed. In fact, vinyl banners can even project a photograph with amazing detail thanks to digital printing.

So the message you want to send your potential customers is up to you – your custom vinyl banner can take it!

Custom Banners Won’t Delete Your Message

Are you worried that you are going to go through the process of ordering the right vinyl banner only to watch it shred with time right before your eyes? Don’t worry – custom vinyl banners are made of durable material and supported by scrim, a nylon fabric woven into the banner itself for added support. So don’t let a vinyl banner’s flexibility fool you!

Vinyl banners are also waterproof, so if your custom banner is meant to be hung outdoors, neither wind nor rain will damage it if hung properly. One reason vinyl banners can handle wind so well is that they are made to your specifications. Depending on how you plan to use your custom banner, grommets can be placed anywhere necessary to relieve pressures points and help prevent tearing and fraying. Wind slits are also often added in vinyl banners that are subjected to higher wind forces.

When you order a custom banner, you can also request that ropes be sewn into the hems for convenient hanging. Webbing may also be inserted to the hem for extra strength.

Vinyl banners are obviously durable- maybe if they didn’t look so good year after year, the city would have ordered new ones for the parade!

Reveal As Much Or As Little As You Want On A Vinyl Banner

Custom banners have variety of purposes, including relaying information, advertising a business or product, promoting a sale or special event, or even celebrating a festival. Because they have such versatile uses, vinyl banners can be ordered in a variety of sizes.

You may have noticed smaller vinyl banners displayed inside museums or airports that are hung on a rod. Flag banners are a popular size of custom banner because several can be used together to achieve a visual effect that is sure to attract and entertain.

Street banners are large vinyl banners that are displayed overhead outdoors and usually have strict codes in their design specifications. This is not a problem for you, however, because we know what those guidelines are and will include them in the production of your custom banner.

Other large hanging vinyl banners can be sized to suit you. If you are unsure of how large or small your vinyl needs to be, just tell us where you plan to display your custom banner and we can help you decide.

Vinyl banners also have a variety of displaying options, from being hung overhead, on a wall, or even standing freely on a retractable stand. Should you need hanging accessories for your custom banner, several options are available. We also include hanging instructions with each of our vinyl banners to ensure optimum satisfaction with the life of your vinyl banner.

Custom Banners Are What Your Customers See First

The city figured out that people do take the time to read the details, especially if they stand something to lose or gain from the information they read. Make sure your business information on your custom banner is current before hanging it back up. If you need an updated vinyl banner, then ordering one is quick, easy, and affordable. Of course, any monetary investment is worth it to keep customers happy and informed.

When designing your custom vinyl banner, include graphics that tell people something about your style. Remember that with digital printing, anything can go onto a vinyl banner and still appear clear and detailed. If you need a little help in designing a custom banner, then you can speak to the graphic design department at the sign company you choose.

See that your vinyl banner is hung properly to ensure quality appearance upon that first glance. Even though custom banners are built to last several years, one mistake customers make is not following through with suggested hanging instructions. Placing undue pressure in some spots or not utilizing all of the grommets can result in a battered looking vinyl banner.

When custom banners are properly cared for, they look as good year after year.

With Proper Vinyl Banners, Everyone Could Have Loved The Parade

But not everyone did, and all because of poor signage. How sad for the city’s parade, and especially for the people who suffered frustrations due to such an oversight. Don’t let people walk away from your business because you lack the custom vinyl banner to steer customers in the right direction. A customer saved is income earned!

With this in mind, remember that not only can vinyl banners save your customers time and money, they can do the same for you!

Feather Flags and Advertising

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Pertaining to campaigning a business’s name and service to future buyers, a extremely well-organized marketing strategy is significant. Gradually businesses are resorting to feather flags as another advertising medium. Not like traditional print media, feather flags are competent to make an excellent advertising report outdoors. The discernibility of these extra huge and bright advertising flags can not at all go unnoticed specially since they are enhanced with a touch of art and furnished with artistic association of colors. Feather flags are considerably visible since aside from its distinct creativity and interesting balance of colors, they are likewise made to be extra huge. Any business type there is in the market can finance on feather flags to be an advertising choice.

Before feather flags turned up to be an advertising medium they have been utilized by groups and people in presenting testimonial to a team in sports, campaigning a coming event or simply a sheer exhibition of colors to brighten up the yard. The growing efficiency of feather flags for manufacturing motives is owing to the fact they have demonstrated to be a very effective medium of advertising.

Feather flags can either be transferable or secured permanently to the ground; they are made of nylon materials and they are normally lean yet tall. Feather flags can be as high as 8-feet and are hooked into poles that are typically 12-feet high. They are commonly lined up along road ways to draw the greatest notice from bypassers. Majority of the feather flags observed along curbs of the road are those that contain messages of promotion from other corporations. Feather flags are interesting to stare at because aside from being bright, its light material permits it to glide in the air and wave with the wind.

A lot of advertising companies present custom-made feather flags to match into several types of businesses. Feather flags have tailor-fitted physical appeal and approach to advertising depending on a business’s advertising policy. For feather flags required for a business, advertising businesses can provide several options for choice of color, logo, photos, texts and marketing tags. Coming up with an advertisement that is totally unique to your business could be a challenge, but will all the right components all together your business advertisements would turn out to be particularly yours. In applying feather flags in your marketing approval, one ought to take into consideration a design which is vibrant, vivid and comes through your attempted advertising message.

Whether feather flags are used for advertising intents or for other reasons, they are highly capable to attract interest particularly when they begin waving to and fro the wind. For whatsoever reasons, feather flags clearly serve their purpose of taking enough guts to produce a viewer’s attention.

Custom Banner Printing For Marketing Success

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Banner printing is an effective method to communicate your marketing message to your existing and potential customers. They are very inexpensive and can be afforded even by a small marketer. It is possible to customize banners without much effort to suit the marketing requirements of both small and big businesses alike. Custom banner printing helps in making your presence known in the market and in the business world.

How can you use custom banners for business promotion?

Custom banner printing provides a lot of freedom and flexibility in banner printing. Businesses and marketers can use the custom banner printing techniques in a lot of ways to promote their business or marketing objectives. Whether it is for providing publicity to a new marketing campaign or a unique event, for advertising a discount or annual sale, custom banner printing is the simplest banner printing solution that makes the marketing and advertising efforts effective and convenient. Given below are a few ways in which you can use custom banner printing for promoting marketing and sales, and business in general.

  • You can use custom banner printing techniques to reach out to your present and future customers and clients. It is a very popular method to use banners to promote and sell products or services.
  • It is also possible to use custom banner printing to convey a special message to a dear one. For example, the most romantic types may use a banner printing service to express his or her feelings to their spouses or to propose to them in a unique and special way.
  • Banner printing can be adopted for identifying products. Customers can easily spot items in a large department store with the help of custom banners.
  • Educational institutions have been loyal customers of custom banners. At the time of new admissions, to announce events, sports meets, and other academic and extra curricular activities, these organizations depend on custom banner printing to create a unique appeal. Custom banner printing is especially useful when they want to make their presence felt with the help of identifying colors and logos displayed through custom banners.
  • The release of new movies, award functions, and other movie business related activities are advertised through custom banner printing methods.

Banner printing can offer your products or services more attention from the customers

Majority of the custom banners have a large format and use full colors. Their designs are quite attractive and are able to grab the onlookers’ attention. Banner printing is very often used in promoting businesses, events, and for other purposes due to the fact that banners are real attention catchers. They are visually appealing and communicate the message with great success to the customer.

You can use banners on any surface. This gives banner printing companies the flexibility to offer various custom banner printing sizes. You can customize them in any way you want according to your banner printing requirements.

Due to the flexibility in sizes and styles, custom banner printing has received great acceptance in the banner printing world. they are very easy to make and serve its purpose effectively.

Retail remains leading market for imagers

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SGIA released the 2010 Market Trends Survey Report for the specialty imaging community.

“The survey shows strong evidence that specialty imagers are exploring new markets and opportunities as a way to bolster their businesses,” said Dan Marx, SGIA vice president of markets and technologies.

According to the U.S. report, about 71 percent of imagers agree that referrals are an effective way to attract new customers, while only about 3 percent rely on online directory listings for new business. To increase their competitive advantage in production, 37.6 percent of all imagers are adding finishing capabilities to their businesses—up from 29.1 percent in 2009.

The survey concludes that retail (direct and indirect through ad agencies) continues to be the leading market for graphic imagers (75.7 percent).

XPLORE Edition FJ Wrap

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 National Park Edition XPLORE FJ Cruiser
National Park Edition XPLORE FJ Cruiser

Avid Digital was proud to be a part of this fun and exciting project. We worked closely with the coordinators of the National Park Edition XPLORE FJ on coming up with the right colors and the right finish to make the biggest impact. After rounds of colors we came up with this Matte Green finish that suits this project nicely. We went with a seamless wrap to give the project a more realistic paint-like look. This vehicle will be raffled off and the proceeds benefitting the National Parks. www.aviddigital.com

The Newport Hopper Wrap Project

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This was another fun Project that we were involved in. We were approached by our client with the task of creating something fun and bright to get the attention of Beach goers in Newport Beach. This is a Free Shuttle that runs Tourists around the Newport Beach and Balboa Island area. Our Design Team created the concept and our Client loved it. Going Green is the theme and as you can see we went Green!!  We handled this project from start to finish and we are looking forward to designing the next 13 by Summer 2011.

Dye-Sublimated Fitted Table Covers

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Avid Digital is proud to display these fine fitted Table covers made for Naked Juice. We got very creative with a vinyl spill-proof top and Dye-Sublimated sides to look like wooden Fruit Crates. In the Background you see one of our 60″ wide Platinum Retractable banner stands. This finished off the display nicely. www.aviddigital.com

Avid Digital Launches new Fabric Framing System

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The Avid Fabric Framing System is the perfect blend of class and versatility. This product is ideal for Retail Stores, Showrooms or Lobbies. The edges of the fabric press into the frame making graphic installation and change out simple. Available in various width and height configurations as well as double-sided. Floor, ceiling and all mounted display is possible with the use of optional accessories. Available in 2,3,4,5,6 foot Height and width sections. www.aviddigital.com

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